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    One of the most important supplies for survival is water. A human can survive weeks without food. But, depending of the conditions, a human can only survive few days without water.

    In case of a disaster, without electricity, almost no water will run into the cities because the water substations tipically have pumps that are electricity dependent. So, without water, what options do you have?

    One of the options is to find water (non potable), and filter it...
    There are several systems to perform that task: mechanical, ultra-violet, reverse osmosis, etc...

    I have these systems:
    1.- Katadyn Pocket, removes almost all bacteria & protozoe, lifetime warranty and 50.000 liters (13.000 gallons) of capacity.

    2.- Steripen Classic, kill viruses through Ultra-Violet,

    So with the above two you can set up a good water survival system.
    Also, a really cool gadget you can find is a portable desalinator. You can use a desalinator as a filtering system. It is the same as the mechanical filter above but only uses a reverse osmosis system that does not allow salt or any other particles / microorganisms / viruses to pass-trough.

    3.- Katadyn survvivor 06 desalinator.

    It is expensive through Amazon (new condition), but you can buy one as a military surplus through ebay for around $100. The important thing for a reverse osmosis system is the membrane condition...

    What systems do you have?

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    I have a small katadyne and a Berkey - and am not on city water.
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    water is the biggest deal,
    I have a big Ultra-Violet system and a natural stream near where I live,

    I was also thinking of setting up a solar still and put in it water that is collected with air interacting with calcium chloride,
    that should let me pull water from the air and make it drinkable

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    On city water, with all the usual gunk. So, we have a Berkey with the flouride/arsenic filter. We filter and rotate twenty 5-gallon jugs, so have 100 gal on hand. Also have 100 gallons outside in trash cans. About the best we can do from our "garden" home in the city.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pam View Post
    I have a small katadyne and a Berkey - and am not on city water.
    I have these also. I may get that desalinator. Not sure why.........I am not near a coast. I am hoping that as terra shifts, the water stays with us.

    Question for spacecase0......... How would that still work?

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    I remember Clif mentioned in one interview that by collecting water with a solar still, we can reduce the water concern all together. As it is distilled, it is pure. Some cool designs out there. Nonetheless, me and the husband are betting on regular enough service to get by with our scheme.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sequoia View Post
    Question for spacecase0......... How would that still work?
    it would be plastic set up as a rectangle pond about 5 inches deep.
    so think a single layer of bricks piled up in a rectangle the same size as a standard sliding glass door, then line it with plastic.
    then put a single glass thick ( no dual pane ) sliding glass door on the top so that it is slightly angled to a corner,
    then put a cup to catch the water in the one corner.
    so to use it, put calcium chloride in the plastic pond and put up shade so that the sun can't hit it,
    or just do this at night,
    the calcium chloride will pull the water out of the air and make a toxic water and calcium chloride solution,
    once it has pulled enough water out of the air,
    then set the glass on the top and remove the shade so that the sun can hit it,
    and it will act as a solar still and will pull the water out of the calcium chloride and put it in the cup for you.

    there are better ways to set this up, but most people can get all the parts for it for almost nothing

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    clif discussed this method in his last interview....

    I still consider a real live still to be the best option when potable water is no longer available.

    I have the katadyns, purification tablets, bladders, etc. But these are for transporting and filtering the water.

    If I'm home, I'm using the still. (George would find this capability very useful in the future, even without an El Don recipe)
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    the problem with a still is that they use fuel...
    with filters or a solar still you at least don't have to find fuel,

    but if you have the fuel, the regular still works very very well

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